Can I hire a machine and do my own thing? Sorry, this is not possible. The only way you can legally ride on a public open space is by going on a supervised tour.

Do you provide helmets? Yes, we provide you with helmets, hair nets, sunscreen and a full instructional demonstration before we head off into the natural wonders of Whiteman Park or Jurien Bay.

My 11 year old son really wants to do it and he is really responsible. Can he come? We would love to take your younger kids with us, but it is illegal for anyone under 12 to ride on a tour. We will need to see some kind of I.D. However, if you have a large yard at home we can cater for younger birthday parties etc on private property.

Can I fall off? Absolutely! You are in control of the machines, and whilst they are self balancing, you are in control. Whilst it’s actually rare for people to fall off, it can happen. We will show you all the do’s and dont’s to make it as safe as possible.

Can I have a few beers at our BBQ and then have a ride? Nope! You cannot drink and ride. It is illegal. If we think you have consumed alcohol we will have to say sorry, come back another day.

Do you have headsets and a running commentary? Absolutely not! We are surrounded by beautiful Australian Bushlands, not busy roads. We have the sounds of birds chirping, insects buzzing, wind rustling the trees, kids playing, families laughing and bbqs sizzling. That’s why we chose Whiteman Park! Also, headsets are dangerous as you may not hear bicycle bells or other possible hazards.

Why are they called a Segway®Our machines are branded Wind Runner NOT Segway®. We chose the Windrunner as our first choice. We find them extremely user friendly, quick charging, safe, responsive, reliable, and well suited to our requirements.(Segway and the Segway Logo are the registered trademarks of Segway Inc)

How fast do they go? These types of machines can sometimes move at up to 40km/hr. We are governed by law to have a maximum speed of 10km/hr. This sounds slow, but it doesn’t feel it when you’re riding one!

What are these worth and can I buy one and go to the shops? They range from as low as $4,000 to $15,000. No, you cannot use them on roads, footpaths or cycleways. They can only be used on private property or when you are in a specialised tour.

Why haven’t I seen these in Perth before? Along with a few other tour operators, we have been working with the government to change laws which previously restricted the use of Personal Electric Transporters on any public open space. After many years of discussion, this change has finally been made to allow the use of these in supervised tour groups on designated routes. It is up to us to ensure the rules are adhered to so that broader use may become possible.

What if it’s pouring with rain? If the weather is bad we will book you in for another day and time. We don’t like getting soaked and cold, and we don’t imagine you would either!